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August  2020

(Calendar of Events)

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

2 - American Family Day

3 - Happy birthday - Ms. Marian, our awesome volunteer!

National Watermelon Day - hope that you enjoy this cooling fruit no matter what the weather!

10 - National S'Mores Day

15 - National Relaxation Day

16 - National Tell A Joke Day....Knock, knock....

20 - Mosquito Day - keep your insect repellent close by!

24-  National Waffle Day...breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yum!

25 - National Park Service Established 1916. If you can't get to a natioanl park, try a state park or the local park. Great excuse to get out and enjoy nature.

26 - Women Equality Day - Women's right to vote in 1920

28 Dream Day - Martin Luther King Jr. gave the 'I Have a Dream' speech in 1963.











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Summer 2020


  • Yay!.....Offsite Tutoring at a location convenient for you! (cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Online Tutoring - ongoing
  • Online Test Prep Sessions









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